Concrete Countertop Preparation


With only a few weeks remaining in the ORC, we decided to kick it in gear and start tackling the hardest project of the challenge - the concrete countertops. We previously installed concrete countertops at our old house so the process was not new to us, but is still time consuming and challenging. We are installing pour in place countertops and using all of the products from Concrete Countertop Solutions, which we also used before.

We first cut and installed the cement backing boards to the tops of the cabinets. We made sure to cut out the space for the sink and the hole for the kegerator hoses. Next up was installing the framing pieces front, sides, and back. We chose the square front finish for a classic yet rustic look. Okay, okay, we actually had the front piece leftover from the first project and it has survived multiple house moves so it was finally time to use it. The fronts will be snapped off after we pour.

We then used silicone caulk around the interior of all the framing to ensure it was sealed properly. Duct tape was added to the framing to ensure two joined pieces stay in place. Our final step this weekend was to cut and install the meshing with all of the z-clips. This step is super important as provides the strength for the entire slab of concrete.

We still have to make the mold for the sink, but are very close to being ready for concrete pouring, which will most likely occur next weekend.

We also made good progress on cabinet painting this week and the plan is to get all of the doors and cabinet fronts done this week.

Things are getting closer to completion so please check back next week to follow our progress as we update this outdated wet bar.

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Thanks, friends.

— Jessica

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