ORC: 90’s Wet Bar Enters the 21st Century

I have decided to enter the 2020 One Room Challenge as a guest participant and take on the remodel of our wet bar! This challenge will last two months and help me focus on completely transforming one room in our home and blogging about it along the way. Most people might demo a wet bar in a 1990’s home but my husband and I love craft beer, a lot. In our first home, before kids, the kegerator lived in our kitchen that is just how much we love craft beer. My husband and I even visited over fifty breweries one summer for fun. Now that I’ve proved to you how important to us craft beer is, you’ll understand why I see the beauty in this outdated, ugly corner of our home.

Now that you’ve seen what the space currently is... let’s talk about what it could be! My home is filled with blacks, whites, and wood tones and this space won’t be any different. I plan to create a modern farmhouse beer corner. Our kegerator will finally find its forever home when we remove one lower cabinet and by removing the broken ice maker we will make space for a custom beer cabinet my husband has planned! I’ll be taking inspiration from Holly & Brad at Ourfauxfarmhouse when it comes to the backsplash and follow in the foot steps of Mr.Chip Gaines when it comes to the countertops.

We have a few more fun ideas up our sleeves over the next two months, but I think I’ll save a few ideas for the weeks to come. Are you ready to join me as we turn this outdated space into a modern fun corner of our house?

You can access the other participants of the One Room Challenge at

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