ORC Week 2

I feel like Chip Carter Gaines this week and want to keep walking around saying, “it’s demo day!!” After removing all the cabinet doors and hardware, we removed the disgusting old ice maker with bruit strength and some landscaping sheers to chop the drain tube off when it was stuck. Finally we were able to remove it and clean up the 30 years of yuck that were underneath it. We also spotted a power ranger coin and the kids were elated to find it. Next we unscrewed the counter from the cabinets and ditched the faux butcher block countertops. Start by removing the 3 inch “backsplash” that most of these countertops have by scoring with a pocket knife and then prying off with a screwdriver. The sink and faucet went out the door as well!

Out with the ugly and in with the uh oh we found a problem. If you are new to DIY you may be surprised when a problem pops up but as you grow on your DIY journey you learn the hiccups are just part of the new and exciting outcome. It seems that the cabinet we planned to remove for our kegerator is actually an L-shaped cabinet wrapping much further than we want to remove. Sooo.... new plan or simply chop the cabinet in half? Guess you will have to wait until week 3 to see what we decide!

Until then, be sure to check out the other bloggers and find out if they are having any hiccups along the way!

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