Saying Goodbye to Oak Stained Everything

An obvious sign of a home built in the 1990’s, is oak and wood everywhere. When we toured our current home with the realtor, I spent most of the showing trying my best to change the baseboards, doors and banisters in my mind to white or black- anything but the dated orangey wood it was.

Once we had the keys in hand, the painter was our first call and my excitement was palpable. Then the quote came in- YIKES! Quickly our plans changed to how exactly could we DIY all this stain away on our own. And so with some trial and error, we figured out the quickest and most effective way to say goodbye to all that wood stained everything!

1. Use an oil-based primer. Honest tip: the primer is super smelly and will most likely give you a major migraine unless you open tons of windows and run fans. Also the primer goes on very thick and better in one direction instead of slapping it on back and forth like regular paint. 2. Spend the money on a good quality paint! I love a bargain like everyone else but this is not the place to skim. I highly recommend Benjamin Moore Advance. I also recommend using a quality brush.

3. Finally- expect to do two or three coats on top of the primer. No it’s not fun, but yes it will be worth it.

**If you are using this post for information to prep windows, I have been using Masking Liquid H2O for all our freshly painted windows instead of priming with an oil-based primer. Be sure to paint a thick coat on the entire window for easier removal once you are done- trust me just paint the whole window with that stuff!**

Here are links for the products I’ve discussed above:

Masking liquid for windows:



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