Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

If I can tell you anything about DIY, it is that things will go wrong. The real fun comes in what you do when they inevitably do!

So last week we left off when I showed you that the cabinet we thought would be no problem to remove was actually an L-shaped cabinet and was going to require some rethinking. My husband said “well we could just chop it in half.” And that is exactly what we did!

Once we overcame that obstacle we received another curveball when the countertop quote came in about $400 more than we anticipate... yikes! It was time to put our thinking caps back on. A few years back, we poured concrete countertops in an old house and we still have some of the materials we need so the process would be a lot easier on the pocketbook! Pouring the countertops will come in a few weeks When we get all the materials in and will make working against an 8 weeks deadline interesting since it holds up other parts of the process but hey what fun would easy be!?!

I painted the room a beautiful mid-tones grey after a great instagram

poll, and I have also started the process of painting the cabinet boxes. I will share all my tips for that process soon! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see daily updates via stories!

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